Steadicam and Camera Operator

As with most people, I have been framing ever since I first picked up a film camera in junior school, and moved into moving images when making sports videos with friends. I began to take more of an active interest in the actual art of operating when I had the chance to dip my feet into the world of Steadicam a few years ago. The combination of free, dynamic camera movement with the subtle requirements of storytelling and the physicality of operating immediately caught my imagination.

I have continued to practice and develop Steadicam operating in addition to static, handheld and dolly operating when possible, with each style bringing its own challenges and unique feel to telling different stories. 

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Selected feature length projects:

Legacy of Lies poster

Legacy of Lies

Director: Adrian Bol
Cinematography: Simon Rowling
Role: Steadicam Operator

Vengeance 2 poster

I Am Vengeance: Retaliation

Director: Ross Boysak
Cinematography: Simon Rowling
Role: B Camera / Steadicam Operator

Heretiks poster


Director: Paul Hyatt
Cinematography: Neil Oseman
Role: Steadicam Operator

Amulet poster


Director: Romola Garai
Cinematography: Laura Bellingham
Role: Steadicam Operator ( Dalies )